Tips for birthday party planning

Birthdays are always a fun time of the year. As a parent you’ve watched your kids learn a lot of new things and had many accomplishments and milestones. There’s many things to celebrate on their birthday. Party planning for this event can be fun, and exciting as they turn a chapter in their life.

Age Appropriate Parties

Your child means the world to you, and you want to throw the best party ever for them, but if he or she just started walking a week ago, that might not be necessary. What’s the point of throwing a grand party if they don’t remember it? A good age to start them off is about 4, this is when they start having friends so they can invite them. This doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate under this age, just do a simple thing, buy a cute cake and blow the candles out for them. Make a home video so they can see how little they were.

Early Planninghappy birthday

Always plan ahead, about a month or two in advance is good. You always want to select a date when your kids friends are free, assuming there in the same class, you’ll know educational schedules. Are you booking a party character to surprise the kids? If you are it is good to plan ahead, especially if you told your kids that there would be a princess party character and they are definitely surprised if they don’t show up. You don’t want that happening–a bunch of angry kids, do yourself and them a favor and plan ahead.

Everyone Is Invited

This rule is imperative to party planning for a child. No one can get there feelings hurt, so let your kid invite everyone, and whoever can attend will attend. It’s also a huge plus for your child as they’ll be the cool kid on the block inviting everyone. Of course there are some situations where this may not be possible, that’s fine too, just make sure to mail invites so kids who aren’t invited won’t be upset. Many schools don’t allow kids to bring invites to school anyway.

Fun And Done

This isn’t a nightclub, it’s a party for kids, kids who can’t stay up past their bedtime. Scheduling is key to keeping everyone happy, kids and parents. Parties for toddlers shouldn’t be more than an hour and should be after nap time so they don’t get cranky during the festive events. Kids 3 to 4 shouldn’t be partying past an hour and a half. Kids 5 through 8 don’t need more than 2 hours, and when your celebrating the big1-0 they shouldn’t party more than three hours.Kids under nine years old should have their parties in the forgiving afternoon hours. The big kids can mix things up with party into the evening party.

Express Yourself

Let your date, your guidelines, and pick up times be clear. This can be done in a nice way through the frilly pink inviteor blue sports card invite. It’s for the kids, but really its for the parents. Be specific, what do they need to bring, what kind of party is it, and what entertainment will be there? Let them know the drop-off and pick-up times. This will only help you, and make sure to call parents before the party to remind them or see if the child is attending.

Party planning doesn’t have to be a hassle, once you follow these tips you’ll be handling everything like a pro. You’ll be the cool parent by the time the party is over. Enjoy your happy moments and celebrate them with these parties because they grow up so fast!

Metal or Plastic

When it comes to choosing the right chairs for your party the choices may not seem as straight forward as one might think. Besides the price difference its important take your guest into confederation. Will there be children at the party and will they get into the folding chairs? If the answer is yes then consider plastic chairs.

The reason for that is because if a chair folds on a child they could get hurt and they are less likely to injure themselves on on a plastic chair.

Metal chairs have an advantage as they are very stern and can typically hold more weight and can also be more conformable for the elderly.

To recap when choosing chairs always consider the type of party and the guest that will most likely be present.